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My Wealthy Affiliate Opinion

I've seen many good reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and I agree with them all. There isn't anything I can add that hasn't already been said. The numerous benefits of a Wealthy Affiliate membership were well covered so I thought I 'd just add my opinion. 


The internet is full of opportunities that promise you everything and give you nothing. I hope you never fell for someone's multi step secret plan for success. I'll share my one step plan for success with you right now, for FREE! It's hard work. Wealthy Affiliate members aren't trained to spam anyone. Why? Because they have substance. That's why you can't find a negative review. All the tools necessary to have a successful online business are in one place, you only need to add the hard work. 

Training is the Number One Ingredient for Success.

Now I'll focus on what I believe is the biggest benefit of wealthy Affiliate. "TRAINING". The reason there's so many scams on the internet is because of the volume of people trying to work from home. The scammers know this and take advantage of them. They make everything sound so easy, but the recipe for real success is always going to be hard work.

I really stress the hard work because training is hard work. The scammers project an allusion that there's magic on the internet. If you were misled into trying something that would magically give you financial freedom, it probably ended in disappointment. I don't like hearing those negative stories.

You're in the right place if you have the time and desire to learn successful online marketing. This is real training, not a gimmick to rob you of your money. Actually it doesn't have to cost you a dime. Its such a great training platform they allow you to try it for FREE. It's true, keep reading! 

Achieve Online Marketing Success With A FREE Membership

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership and a premium membership. If you're not sure this training is for you or maybe you're just being skeptical, try the free membership. They don't even ask for credit card information, nothing. That's the first sign that WA has nothing to hide. If for any reason you decide its not for you, nothing lost. And you don't have to jump though hoops to get any money back.    

You 'll get 2 fully functional websites with backup, a beginner training course with 10 lessons, a blog, video training, support from experienced members including the owners Kyle and Carson. All for free. And you can try it as long as you want. You won't find anything like it online. Their support combined with the training is a recipe for success.

If you're a newbie, quit wasting your time searching for an online business now. The training is the best on the internet. Each lesson is hands on step by step training to teach everything you need to know and you can even earn while you learn! That's right! You're in an affiliate program. Your sites are live and you can earn money.

Wealthy Affiliate Opinion

Upgrade to a Premium Membership When You Feel You're ready.

Now why would you need a premium membership when you have such an awesome gig going with the free membership. How about 25 websites with email, unlimited keyword searches, live weekly video classes, double your payout, unlimited 1 on 1 coaching and much more! If you're really serious and want online success, premium is the choice for you.


  • FREE! No credit card required. Great for newbies to start. 
  • No purchases or sales necessary.
  • Great for newbies and marketing veterans.
  • 24/7 help and support.
  • Weekly live video training.
  • A whole library of past training videos
  • Available keyword tool.  


  • Big learning curve for a complete newbie.
  • If you're familiar with affiliate marketing, you may want premium.
  •  No guarantee. You can try it for as long as you want for free so there's no need for a guarantee.

There's even more pros I could add, but that's about it for the cons. But you have to agree, the cons are actually understandable. I can't think of any start up business without a learning curve. And of course if you already have affiliate marketing experience, you're a serious entrepreneur. So premium would be your best choice.

Training Is The Leading Benefit in My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Opinion

I didn't cover any of the awesome premium benefits because I wanted to focus on the training. I will write a review on the premium membership in a future blog. There's a big demand to learn online marketing and WA covers everything you need to know. Online marketing is a struggle without proper training. That's my honest opinion. I can't stress it enough. If you want to learn how to earn extra money online, or you want to build a website for your business, click the button below and get started. Learn everything you need to know in one place. Time is money. So lets get started.  

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