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Thrive Themes Membership Review

Thrive Themes Membership: 2017 

Company: Thrive Themes

Founders: Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy

Price: $19.00 a month full membership


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I've decided to do a Thrive Themes Membership Review because of my experience using it for over two years now. I'm excited to say Thrive has posted a sneak peak at the new version of Thrive Content Builder 2.0. If you're on the fence about going with a premium theme, continue reading my review. 

Because the release of Content Builder 2.0 is coming soon, there will be a price increase for the membership. The membership is only an incredible $19.00 a month for all themes, all plug-ins, and amazing technical support. If you decide to become a member of Thrive Themes now, you will be locked in at that $19.00 monthly fee for life. You will always get all future updates and any new products for free. That includes the new version of Content Builder.  

According to Shane Melaugh the Co-Founder of Thrive Themes, they are involving all the company's current resources to design this new version of Content Builder. His goal is to make Content Builder the best builder available. That's why time is imperative, membership is most likely going to increase a lot. Joining now could avoid that increase. With that being said, lets move on to the review.

My Thrive Themes Membership Review

The theme I am using for this website is called Rise by Thrive Themes. There are ten themes to chose from with plans on rolling out more when Content Builder 2.0 is released. The themes are fully customizable and the changes you make only take seconds with the content builder.

Thrive Content Builder and Landing Pages

Thrive Content Builder contains all the elements you need to quickly build mobile friendly home pages and post pages for your WordPress website. All elements are drag and drop anywhere on your page. All elements are easily customized for your desired needs.  

Bloggers are encouraged to produce long blogs for better SEO. A visitor may not want to read the entire blog but may be interested in a certain topic. The Table of Contents element, like the one above, is a good way to attract a visitor to at least portions of a blog. They may return to read a particular section and be able to navigate directly to it. Scrolling through a one to two thousand word blog on a cell phone can be painful. If a visitor returns to your blog by cell phone to read a particular section, the Table of contents is a life saver. Proper headings are usually what attracts your visitor to your content. A Table of contents is a great way to keep visitors on your site.! Below is an image of the options available to the navigation element.    

Table of Content Element

You have control over color, margins, which headings to use, the number of columns, and position. Easily design your table of contents in just seconds with a couple of clicks.

Add Animation to Your Pages and Blogs!

WA Start-up Banner

Animation Options

  • Top to bottom
  • Bottom to top
  • Left to right
  • Right to left
  • Appears from center, (zoom-in) Like the image above
  • Zoom out
  • Fade in
  • Rotation
  • Roll in
  • Roll out

This is a content box with a two column layout and a styled list.

Add a Page Section to Your Blog.

Page sections can be used to attract a visitor to certain topics. You can also add text and images. Change the background color to make it stand out from the rest of the page. If you like boarders or shadows, the options are also available in a page section.

Add a Page Section With a Static Image.

You can replace the background with any image and make it static such as this image, or just make it a standard full length image. The static image is an interesting effect and looks very professional. 

Add a Button Anywhere On Your Site.

Click on the button element to drag and drop a button any where on your site. There are six different styles of buttons to choose from. Use a button with an icon or no icon. It can be full width of select a standard size and position it any where you like. The buttons are fully customizable.  

If full width is selected, the button will automatically adjust to the full page or column width.  

Style #4, Normal Size

​Just paste in your link URL, check the no follow, or open in new window boxes and your button is fully functional. Within seconds, you can have a professional looking button placed anywhere on your site. The actual colors and the mouseover colors can be change for the background, text, and the text and button shadows.   

Style # 4, Normal Size

This button is the same as the button above, but I made changes to the colors. Pass your mouse over the button to see my changes. And all it took was a few clicks. Did you also see how the button came into view. If not, refresh the page. Just think of all the different types of buttons you could create for your pages and blog posts!     

This is a Call To Action Content Container. 

Add all your call to action images and text to one container. Easily drag and drop the entire container any where on the page. Customize the text and colors to match your site. The background of the box can also be changed.

Page Under Construction

Time is of the Essence!

Only Thrive knows when content builder 2.0 will be released, so I am posting this blog before it's completion. I will continue adding my review on all the plug-ins. and updating some of my examples. More examples of the awesome features like the WA banner that appears at the top of the page will be added. The banner was built with the Thrive Ultimatum plug-in to add scarcity marketing to the campaign. 

It is fully customizable, so just think of all the ways you could benefit with scarcity marketing. I added images and text to suit my desired needs. The counter is a sample and can also be customized. If you're happy with WA, you'll love Thrive.


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