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Does an online business sound too good to be true? I had my doubts. Do you feel as though you lack the necessary knowledge to have your own online business? I did. I had no clue of how to start an online business. But I was determined to build a business and learn everything I needed to know to be successful.  

I began navigating the internet in search of the answers to all my questions. Where do I obtain a domain name and how do I purchase one? What kind of hosting account do I need? What other tools do I need and which company has the best support?   

Each step was trial and error. Not the way to learn if you're serious. Now I have my domain name and hosting account. The host provider offered website building software so I purchased it for one year. It wasn't very easy to use and the features were limited. I wasn't happy with it at all. 

Education By Trial and Error Is Costly

So back online to find software to build a website. I purchased a program and down loaded it to my desk top. It was fairly easy to learn and had all the features I needed. It took a while but I managed to build a site on my desk top that contained 3 pages. The website worked awesome in preview mode on my computer. But now how do I get it onto the internet? 

My website had to be up loaded to my hosting account. What a project that was. But once it was finally up loaded correctly it was great to see it working online. Problem was making changes to it. The website had to be up loaded each time there was an edit. It got to the point where I waited till there was multiple edits before I up loaded the site.  

WordPress appeared in many of my search results but it seemed to be geared towards blogging. I had no idea what blogging was. This is a sample of the past two years of my online experience You definitely don't want to go down that road. Its been quite the experience. But I was determined to keep learning.   

Making the Correct Choices from the Beginning Saves Time and Money

Because WordPress was so popular in my searches I decided to learn about it. Then I decided to try it. There were plenty of themes to choose from so I tested a couple. This was a breeze compared to the software I purchased and down loaded. 

Then I discovered the premium themes and upgraded. Now I feel real comfortable with my tools. Still not sure of a niche yet but I'm feeling good about everything else.   

Now all this was quite a journey. But it didn't have to be. I discovered Wealthy Affiliate about eight months ago. I signed up for the free membership but it sounded to good to be true. Thinking it was another scam I didn't spend anymore time on it. What a mistake.

Woo-commerce and affiliate marketing was my next venture. I started gathering information on affiliate marketing and found Wealthy Affiliate again. This time I decided to learn more about it. I watched a video which explained everything they offered then decided to continue the  basic training. Before I got through the first lesson I signed up for the premium membership. 

Achieve your goals faster with expert guidance!!

To think that I had all these benefits eight months ago and didn't take advantage of it just boggles my mind. Where would I be today if I wasn't so blind. The numerous scams you find online just makes you so skeptical. This ignored a truly great program! 

Everything you need for your own online business in one place. No searching aimlessly all over the internet wondering what you need. The free membership allows you two websites and 10 days of training. The premium membership offers so much more that I can't put it all here. It's better to go to Getting Started to see all the benefits of both memberships..     

I will however mention just one great feature they have that will blow your mind. The premium membership includes hosting of up to 25 websites with email. That's just one feature out of so many! Learn from my mistakes and avoid building an online business by trial and error. Take a serious look at Wealthy Affiliate and all they have to offer. You won't be alone on your journey and they won't leave a question unanswered. Soon after I joined I asked a technical question about my theme and I received the answer in minutes.  

Get Started With Your Online Business Today!

An online business is a great way to increase household income. You invest what ever time you have and it doesn't need to interfere with your current schedule. It will really help to reduce financial stress if you're living week to week. But nothing happens overnight. This is a legitimate training opportunity. There's training that needs to be completed and like any business, it takes time to get the results from your training and the construction of your website. So don't wait until you have a financial emergency.

Consider starting now to build piece of mind.

Click the link below.

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About the Author Kevin Brouillette

This site is proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. I am not a writer and my blogs may reflect that, but I managed to create this site from scratch without any prior experience. My writings are based on actual experiences and personal beliefs. There's a lot of potential on the internet to fulfill what ever dreams you may have. I learned a lot about building an online presence over the past 2 years which I would like to share with you.

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Judy says October 16, 2016

Hi Kevin,

Enjoyed reading your blog. I like the look of your website. It is clear and easy to read and you make a good case for Wealthy Affiliates. They are worth checking out.


    admin says October 16, 2016

    Thank you Judy,
    I like the distraction free look, but its hard not to add things I want readers to see.
    There are things I may add with the next blog but I will still keep it as clean as possible.
    Thanks again for the kind words.

Simon says October 20, 2016

Hi Kevin,
I must admit I was worried when I walked through Wealthy Affiliate’s doors as my experience was zilch as far as building a website and running a business online were concerned.

I was very surprised how straightforward the process of building a WordPress website is these days and there’s no technical coding involved. Suits me fine.

The training Wealthy Affiliate provide is first class and very straightforward to implement.

Their platform is all geared up to help and support every member too which I still am very impressed with.

Couldn’t ask for any more.

    Kevin Brouillette says October 20, 2016

    Hi Simon,
    WA has an awesome platform! If you follow the step by step training it’s pretty easy to get your site up and running. The applications are so user friendly today.
    No reason to let fear stop you, especially with a free membership. Great to have you as a member Simon. I think it’s all going to be fun from here.
    Thank you so much for your comment and enjoy WA.

Gina says October 20, 2016

Hi Kevin,
Sounds like a solid plan to really get you up and going with everything you need. The fact that you can start for free to check it out sounds even better! I think I’ll try it.
Thank you,

    Kevin Brouillette says October 20, 2016

    Hi Gina,
    Great! I hope to see you there. You can test drive the free membership as long as you like.
    No need to purchase or sell anything, you don’t have to give them any credit card information, nothing.
    When you see how easy it is, you’ll love it. I appreciate the comment.
    I wish you success Gina, best of luck!

Sunny says October 20, 2016

Hi Kevin,

It seems you already have an online experience a big time! Just like me since I was scammed twice before finding the Wealthy Affiliate.
When I’ve found them , I was super happy and I have signed up for the premium membership and was a premium on monthly bases until July when I decided to go for annual membership and I have made a great commitment. 8 hours per day.
And here I am now a couple of months later knowing so much about an affiliate marketing (and I was a complete newbie).
I am so glad that you have finally found this wonderful platform with such a great support and community.
Your blog can say that you are finally on a right place 🙂

May success come to you in no time.

    Kevin Brouillette says October 20, 2016

    Hi Sunny,
    You’re absolutely right. I’ve been hunting for an opportunity like this for about 3 years. I’m glad I found it and even happier I tried it.
    The training you receive at WA can be used for any company. Having such great support means a lot too. You’re never alone at WA. It’s a great learning experience!
    Thank you for the kinds words. Much success to you Sunny.
    Thank you for the comment.

Gina says October 21, 2016

Hi Kevin,
I’ve read your article a couple times. I’m getting ready to sign up now and see what they have to offer. 2 free websites and 10 days of free training. That’s a great deal!
Thank you so much and talk to you soon.

    Kevin Brouillette says October 22, 2016

    Hi Gina,
    I’m glad you agree. Thank you for your interest.
    See you in Wealthy Affiliate.

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