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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Are you reading this from a smartphone? If you are, this is a mobile friendly website which makes navigating a better user experience. The content is resized and realigned to fit the screen of your mobile device. You're able to view the entire website without any lose of content.  


Why You Should Consider Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

According to the "Official Google Webmaster Blog" the sites that are mobile-friendly will rank higher in a Google search. In a Nov. 4, 2016 blog, they state that their algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site to rank pages, understand structured data, and show snippets from the pages in their results. Click the image below to test your website.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Did your website pass the test? Passing this important test means your site is ready for the trend in mobile searches on the internet. If you use WordPress and your site didn't pass, go to Google's guide to customize your website software. Consider hiring a web developer if you're not tech worthy. Being mobile-friendly is critical to your online presence. 

More Than 40% of Searches Are Made From a Smartphone

​More people are browsing the internet on a smartphone today than a computer. If a person using a smartphone lands on your website and it's not mobile-friendly, they will probably leave and be gone for ever.

A non mobile-friendly site will shrink down to a tiny size to fit the display of a mobile device. The visitor will have to use zoom or pinch and scroll to view the content of your site. It may function correctly, but it's annoying to find what they're looking for and it's easy to lose track of where you are on the site.  

​This poor viewer experience will cause the visitor to move on and never return. That's a major impact on your business with the loss of all the potential conversions on your website.  

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Mobile Spending

A Responsive Website Is Easily Viewed On Any Size Device

A responsive website is a great solution to viewing your website on multiple devices. The content on your site will resize and realign to fit the device it's being viewed on. If you're creating a webpage or a blog on a responsive site, you can see how it will look if you shrink the size of your screen. Place the pointer on the edge of your screen and drag it inward. You will see the content of your website change as the viewable size gets smaller. The pictures and graphics will shrink to fit the screen. Three columns will convert to two columns and then to one. Text will stay at a comfortable size for reading.  

Camp Affiliate is a responsive website. Shrink the size of the screen to see how the image size and the content flows into a position to fit the screen size for a better viewer experience. This is an easy way for you to check your website to see how it looks. If you don't like something, you can make a change and check it again until you're satisfied.

​Use a Responsive Theme to Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Rank higher on Google by using a responsive theme on your WordPress website. Test each page and blog post on an iPhone and an Android device. Ask your friends and family to test each page of your site on multiple phones and tablets to assure its responsiveness. Get there input on how well your site performed.    

Did you find this content helpful? Any feedback, questions, and opinions are greatly appreciated. Please enter them in the comment section below.Thank you for your time.

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