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Thrive's New Editor For WordPress

It's exciting to be a member of a company that continuously improves and updates all their products! Thrive has announced the launch date of their new and improved editor for WordPress, Architect! I'm a Thrive member and use many of their products. I love using Thrive Content Builder and find it hard to believe they can make it better because its already amazing!  

According to recent company announcements, not only do they claim it's going to be better than the current editor, their saying it may be the best WordPress editor available. That's why I'm so excited! Thrive has always backed it's comments with action. 

Thrive Content Builder is Quick and Easy to Use 

Time is a valuable asset. Get more work done in less time. Thrive Content Builder makes building websites unbelievably easy. It's all drag and drop, what you see is what you get. Build pages, blog posts, and landing pages from a huge selection of templates or build one from scratch. A complete landing page could take just minutes to build. Thrive makes it possible to have a professional looking website with just a little time.

All Thrive products are designed to help increase conversion rates. The Content Builder has many lead generating elements to add images, text, and buttons. All elements are customizable by changing color, text, font, point size, and you can even add animation. Checkout some of the Thrive Content Builder elements in action in my review. It's amazing to work with because you can see exactly how your page looks as you edit it!. 

Unlimited Support To Keep You Up and Running. 

If Thrive support can't help you personally solve a problem, they will login to your site and fix it themselves. If it's a particular look you want on your site, they will help you with that too. Thrive also has a knowledge base where you can login and search for a quick answer. 

I'm kind of paranoid about using too many plugins because I'm afraid of conflicts. Too many plugins can slow the loading time of your website. Your site could be running good today and be down tomorrow due to an update in WordPress or theme that caused a problem. Conflicts with plugins are a major cause of site failures. The only two non Thrive plugins I use is Google Analytics and Yoast. All the other plugins I use are Thrive plugins. Because Thrives' main focus is conversion, their full line of plugins contain just about any tool you need to build a professional website that will increase conversions.         

When ever there's an update in WordPress, Thrive products will be updated to assure there won't be any issues. The products are developed to work together which significantly reduces the risk of a failure due to a conflict.

Prices Usually Increase After a Major Product Launch

You can purchase Thrive Content Builder as a stand alone plugin, or purchase a membership. I believe the membership is the best way to go. It gives you access to all of the products by Thrive Themes. 

I'm also a very satisfied member of Wealthy Affiliate! For one amazing low monthly fee I can use my Thrive Theme products on all 25 free websites I recieve with my WA membership. What a combination. Wealthy Affiliate and Thrive Themes makes this venture much easier to manage for a newbie like myself. Architect will make site management really exciting. 

Membership Includes All Plugins And Themes!

  • Thrive Content Builder
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Thrive Clever Widgets
  • Thrive Landing Pages
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • All Thrive Themes
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer

Constant Updates and Instant Access to New Plugins

​Exclusive Members Only Courses, Templates, and Content

Knowledge Base and Unlimited Support​


Thrive Membership



Use all of the plugins and themes on all your own websites.


Agency Membership



Use all of the plugins and themes on your sites and clients' websites.

Get Thrive Content Builder Now, Before The Price Increase


Install on up to 15 websites


Install on up to 5 websites


Install on 1 website

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Transform The Way You Create Content!

Any Layout, Any Page, Any Purpose!

Create Blog Posts Like Never Before!

  • Includes all features
  • Unlimited free updates
  • 1 Full year of support

ARCHITECT! Thrive's New Editor! 

This is an exciting time to be a Thrive member. The launch of Thrive's newest product "ARCHITECT" is scheduled for August 29, 2017! Company representatives are excited about their new product because they believe it will be the top builder available. Architect is not a Thrive Content Builder update, its a complete overhaul.  

Click the links above and get locked in on the current price before the Architect launch date. It's almost certain that there will be an increase after the launch. Try it for 30 days. If it.s not what you expected, there's a 100% money back guarantee! NO RISK!


You have nothing to lose. Try it for thirty days to see how easy it is. You won't believe what you accomplish in very little time. If you're not completely satisfied, or Thrive's awesome support cannot achieve the result you're looking for, get a full refund within thirty days from purchase. 

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