About Me

Hi there, My name is Kevin

Welcome to my about page

During my high school years if someone would have told me I'd be writing about interests and passions of mine, I would have laughed and said, yeah right.​ Math was my favorite subject, anything that involved writing was my worst subject and my writing may reflect that. I know nothing about writing or building websites which is something I need to confess.  

Camp Affiliate

But here I am many years later out of the blue building web pages, writing blogs, and trying to write this dammed about me page. All of this is new to me. This page is proof that you can do whatever you set your mind to. To explain exactly what it is that drives me to do this is difficult. I know when you're faced with a task that should be done but doesn't need to be, it usually doesn't get done. It's called procrastination and it's because of mindset.       

There's no place in life for fear

It's that attitude that helps me overcome my fear and drives me to continue writing about my thoughts. My goal is to inject a mindset that encourages people to raise the bar. Don't settle for less because of fear or lack of proper mindset. I know it's an important subject because I've been there, don that. And I see it in so many people every day.  

For example, most people get up and go to work everyday on time and are never late. Why? Fear, because their job depends on it. It's fear that keeps them motivated. Without fear tardiness and absenteeism would be a frequent habit. People who need this type of motivation fail at finishing school, holding onto good jobs, and miss out on opportunity's that could change their lives. Fear is only going to make your whole life miserable. 

Together we can break the mold!

CHANGE, that's the reason for this site. It doesn't have to be a lot of work or cost a lot of money. You just have to want it. The content on these pages will be geared to achieve change and improve lifestyles. If you're working 40 hours a week and living pay check to pay check, watch what goes on this site. Anyone wanting change in your life will find this site helpful and I will offer all the help and support I can.     

Mindset is the key. You need to transform your mind by thinking of new ways to motivate yourself. Anyone who really wants change can do it. This blog is proof. I've got over the fear of not just writing but posting it online for the whole would to see. There's no better feeling then conquering your fear. That can be your first goalLETS GET STARTED! Follow me at Wealthy Affiliate.   

Email: kevin@campaffiliate.com.